Prenatal Pilates Course

Increase strength & mobility, reduce stress, calm your nervous system, and connect deeply with your body & your baby

What do you get?

With access to 40+ video workouts, downloadable guides, pregnancy tutorials, guided meditations


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Week by Week Pilates Workouts

Starting from 5 weeks of pregnancy, each video walks you through safe workouts to be practicing at each stage.


Additional Workouts

There are also bonus videos to guide you through pregnancy-related back & pelvic pain, SPD and sciatica.

You’ll also find workouts specific to upper body, lower body & morning sickness


Posture, Breathing, Movement & Pelvic Floor

Guided tutorials will help explain ideal pregnancy posture, pelvic floor activation tips, safe movement practices in your daily life and breathing techniques to relieve physical & mental tension.


Guided Meditation

Deep relaxation for all trimesters & preparation for birth.

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Downloadable Guides

You’ll receive: Prenatal Health & Lifestyle Guide Safe Exercise & Movement Guide and Preparation for Birth Guide (including C-section Preparation)


Online Support

Receive online support throughout your course to work through any concerns you may have.

Who is this program for?

You want to stay active & healthy throughout your pregnancy

Gentle but effective sequences that are tailored for each stage of your pregnancy. Each video is carefully designed to guide you through movement, breathing & stretching.

You want to support your baby & give them the best start

In addition to your yoga class practice, the course includes detailed prenatal health & nutrition advice that will ensure that you’re looking after both yourself & your baby.

You want to calm anxiety & feel prepared for birth

Pregnancy & birth can cause anxiety for many women. Guided meditations & birth preparation can calm your nervous system & allow you to feel confident about your pregnancy & beyond.

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Let us guide you through safe and effective exercise in all stages of your pregnancy.

What past students have to say:

“I found the course easy to follow & easy to fit in with my schedule. I wanted to focus on yoga to help with a lot of anxiety I had at the beginning of my pregnancy. The calming sequences & the meditations before going to bed were such a big help.”


“Jen is knowledgeable and experienced and the classes are great. It’s helping me with muscle toning, strengthening and my prenatal back pain has hardly become noticeable after only 3 of the lessons.”


“I’d never practiced yoga before so wasn’t sure what to expect, but the course has been so helpful in getting me through my pregnancy without any pain or discomfort. I love how the sequences change every couple of weeks & there is always something to suit my mood. ”


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