Postnatal Recovery Course

Feel stronger, relieve pain & discomfort, heal your diastasis & nourish yourself in the post-partum period

What do you get?

With access to 50+ video workouts, downloadable guides, postnatal tutorials, guided meditation and online support


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Week by Week Workouts

Starting immediately after birth, each video walks you through safe exercises to be practicing at each stage of your recovery. This includes C-section recovery practices.


Additional Workouts

Course includes bonus videos; addressing continence issues & pelvic organ prolapse, releasing tight/hypertonic pelvic floor. Practice Yoga & Pilates with Mum + Bub workouts & safe cardio HIIT workouts.

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Diastasis Self-Check, Breathing & Pelvic Floor

Guided tutorials will help explain pelvic floor reconnection, safe movement practices in your daily life, a diastasis recti self-check video & breathing techniques to relieve aid recovery.


Guided Meditation

Deep relaxation to calm your nervous system in the postnatal period.

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Downloadable Guides

You’ll receive: Postnatal Core Reconnection Guide, Postnatal Health & Lifestyle Guide, Vaginal Birth Recovery Guide & C-Section Recovery Guide.


Online Support

Receive online support throughout your course to work through any concerns you may have.

Who is this program for?

You’re worried about your pelvic floor, diastasis & physical recovery

Gentle but effective workouts are tailored for each stage of your recovery, beginning immediately after birth. Heal diastasis recti, address incontinence & reduce symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse.

You’re feeling overwhelmed by new motherhood & don’t know where to start

The course includes detailed nutritional information, lifestyle changes for the “4th trimester” and guided meditations to improve symptoms of postpartum anxiety and depression.

You’re struggling to find time for yourself as well as your baby

All the workouts are designed around nap-time schedules & will take as little as 10-15 minutes per day. The course encourages strategies to help you find time for yourself & allow for rest & recovery.

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Let us guide you through safe and effective postnatal exercises to support your recovery

What past students have to say:

“I started this course after my third baby & I wish I had known about it for the first two. My recovery this time has been so much quicker & easier. I really think the early core work & the breathing exercises in the early days straight after birth made a huge difference.”


“After an emergency C-section, I had no idea how to get my body back to where I wanted or where to even start. I found the course really simple to follow & the exercises have made such a big difference already in 5 weeks.”


“Learning about the 4th trimester has completely changed the way I’ve looked at post partum recovery. I’ve felt so much more relaxed & supported this time around. I also love the quick & easy workouts - super helpful while managing 2 kids under 2!”


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