IVF Yoga & Meditation Course

Our day-by-day guide to navigating your IVF cycle

Reduce stress & anxiety, increase blood flow throughout your body + improve your success rates

What do you get?

A 12-video course that guides you through every step of the IVF process, from prior to starting, right through to post-transfer
Reconnect with your body + help regulate your nervous system out of the “fight or flight” response
Gentle, safe and proven sequences to support your chances of conception


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On-Demand Yoga Sequences

12 cycle-specific yoga practices to practice at home, allowing just 10-20 minutes per day


Guided Meditation

connect deeply to your body + breath and help improve sleep during your cycle

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Downloadable Guides

Focus on nutrition, supplementation & prepare for your cycle with your pre-IVF checklist

Who is this program for?

You’re about to start your first cycle & you’re feeling nervous. Using yoga practices at this time can ease the stress of this journey. You’ll also learn tools for coping with uncertainty.

You’ve already been through 1 or more rounds of IVF & you want to try a new approach. Adding a mindfulness program to your treatment will always help your emotional well-being

A Harvard Medical School study found that women who practiced mind-body techniques achieved pregnancies at a rate almost 3 times greater than those who didn't.

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Let us guide you through safe & effective exercises at all stages of your cycle & fertility journey

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